Glossier’s Miami Pop-Up Shop + My Haul

Glossier is easily becoming one of my favorite brands because I love that their whole vibe is to enhance the beauty you already have in the most natural way possible and I’m really excited to continue trying out products from this brand.

So, when my friend told me there was a Glossier pop-up shop in Miami, I knew there was absolutely NO WAY I wanted to miss out on that! When we arrived, the pop-up shop was MUCH smaller than I expected but that didn’t bother me because it wasn’t crowded when we went. I also loved that their Miami theme was revolved around mangos; so fun and bright!

thumbnail (11)

Cute mango cart covered in Glossier’s Balm Dotcom!!


For the small space they had, they really did the absolute most with it. The mango cart, pictured above, was one of the first things you see when walking in and it perfectly sums up their Miami-mango theme! Tucked in the back was their mango room, which would have been a perfect place for photos but their lights flushed you out majorly!! But, still a fun and colorful room!

thumbnail (8)

Holy moly! Those veins on my hand

thumbnail (9)

(More veins, it’s like my Glossier bag weighs 30 pounds!)

And, of course, we couldn’t go to the Glossier pop-up shop without taking some shameless mirror selfies!

thumbnail (2)

(Me going home with my Glossier purchase, they also spelled my name wrong on the sticker but what can you do?)

But, I know you all clicked on this blog post because you want to see what I purchased and what my thoughts are on each product; so, let’s just get into it, shall we?

First thing’s first, your Glossier purchase will come in a plastic, bubble-wrapped baggie which I kind of like but kind of really hate. I like the fact that it has bubble wrap on the inside because it keeps your products safe from breaking. However, I don’t like them because they’re made of plastic. I try to reuse the bags as something purposeful; like my last Glossier baggie is now my nail polish bag so, my nail polish doesn’t break or I’ll use them as a travel bag to keep my breakables safe.

thumbnail (12)

It’s a cute, pink baggie at least!

thumbnail (14)

Let’s start with my more expensive item, the perfecting skin tint in shade G11 which retails for a whopping $42 for a mere 1 oz bottle.

I’ve used this product maybe 4 or 5 times and I just can’t justify how sheer it looks on the face for its price tag. I prefer a sheer foundation and was maybe expecting too much from this product because I heard a lot of good things about this specific foundation and I REALLY wanted it to work.

I’m obviously going to keep using this product a bit more because I spent my own money on this and I want to see how using a brush or beauty blender will make the coverage look. So far, I’ve been putting this on my fingertips and rubbing it upwards, per their directions.

thumbnail (15)

My favorite brow product ever & a repurchase!! To be fair, this is actually the only brow product I’ve ever tried but I don’t feel the need to try anything else!

Before this product, I used to NEVER wear anything on my eyebrows even though they’re blonde and I have missing hair (scar) on my left eyebrow from a childhood accident but as soon as I bought this product on a whim, I was hooked!!!

The reason I love this product so much is for the simple reason that it’s easy to use, it grooms my eyebrows with minimal color (they also have a clear brow gel), and it’s 1, 2, 3 done!

thumbnail (17)

Generation G was something I wanted to purchase the first time I made my Glossier purchase and was the first product I told the check-out lady I wanted.

Zip is described on the Glossier’s website as a poppy red and crush is described as a hot raspberry pink and honestly, I’m becoming obsessed with both colors! This sheer matte lipstick is waxier than I expected but it gives my lips such a wonderful flush of color that this is now going STRAIGHT into my purse!

I would also like to purchase shade cake which is a subtle peach.

thumbnail (22)

And, of course, they put in some lovely stickers and a sample of their Milky Jelly Cleanser. I’ve heard good things about their jelly cleanser and will see if it lives up to my standards.

thumbnail (20)

Fun keychain I purchased from the Glossier Miami pop-up shop! & I had no idea, until today, that my keychain purchase went to a charity; which is always a nice thing to see!

thumbnail (18)

Have you tried anything from Glossier? If so, anything that I need to try right away?

P.S. My jeans are from Target’s, Wild Fable line. I’m so obsessed with these mom jeans, that I bought them in this and a black wash. I believe they were about $26 each. 🙂

With Love,

A Simple Wildflower



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