Savannah, GA Roadtrip

If you live anywhere in Florida, then Savannah, GA is a relatively short drive away! My boyfriend and I lived in Boca Raton and our trip took us roughly 6 and a half hours. Any more than that and I would have said “no way!” to a road trip and hopped on a plane.

I chose Savannah for our third-year anniversary destination because it always came across as such a down-to-earth, quaint town and I was needing a little bit of that slow-as-molasses lifestyle. & since this trip was for celebrating our 3-year anniversary, I thought this would be a great location to have a relaxing/romantic vacation.

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Our Stay

Victorian Bakery Apartment $120 per night booked on Airbnb.

I would highly recommend staying at this Airbnb! Our host, Debbie, was so sweet and attentive! She even made sure we had a great stay even while she was dealing with a family emergency out of town.

On your first morning at the Airbnb, you receive a complimentary bakery item; however, since the bakery was closed during our first morning, Debbie made sure to have two bakery items in the fridge before our arrival. AND we were welcomed with 2 cupcakes; yes, they were DELICIOUS!

We Ubered from this place once and found that it was quite a walking distance from the main part of town. But we’re also people who really don’t mind walking semi-far distances.

Things to Do/Places to See

The best way to describe Savannah is it’s a walking city! We would get to the center of town and walk everywhere! And because we were able to walk around, that allowed us to discover some pretty cool squares, bars, and stores.

  • Forsyth Park: If you went to Savannah and didn’t go to Forsyth Park, then I have to believe you were deliberately trying to avoid it. This park is so stunning! We sat on a bench near the fountain and watched a nearby wedding that was about to start. We sat and watched the groom as he was anxiously waiting for his bride, a dad that was keeping the flower girl entertained, all while the wedding photographer snapped away capturing all those small, perfect moments. We didn’t stay long , though, because it was May which translates into we were getting kind of sweaty!

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  • 22 Squares: Savannah has historic squares scattered around the city, and if you’re walking around, you’ll stumble across most of them without even trying. The most famous square in Savannah is Chippewa Square. This is where the bench scene from Forest Gump was filmed. The square looks different than in the movie, but it’s still really cool to see where the movie was filmed.

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  • City Market: This is another staple of Savannah! This area is filled with amazing restaurants, bars, and shops. We really enjoyed this area of Savannah because you can legally walk around outside with an alcoholic beverage. City Market is filled with plenty of bars, which left us with the perfect opportunity to bar hop around town with a drink already in hand! Just tell the bar you want your drink to-go and they will know what to do!
  • The Savannah Waterfront: This is the one area in Savannah that we spent, hands down, the most time at. This is another location that is full of restaurants and bars! The weekend during our stay, there was a local market going on that was filled with local art and food. And I seriously kid you not, we purchased artwork 2.5 seconds after reaching the local market. We purchased 2 artwork pieces carved out of wood, one is FSU and the other is Penn State. After making our purchase, we walked to Wet Willie’s for one of their signature frozen drinks! & don’t judge but we definitely went to Wet Willie’s more than once!
  • Jones Street: It might sound silly to have a local street as a must-have item on your Savannah bucket list, BUT I am 100% certain when I say this street is gorgeous and I’m so glad we found it. Jones Street was voted one of America’s most beautiful streets, and for good reason! This street is lined with historic homes, each home with a different personality than the last, and huge canopy trees that hang over the street. We walked down this street in awe! Most of our photos are from Jones Street.

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Places to Eat

I don’t want to lie and tell you that the food we had in Savannah was amazing, but I think we were slightly disappointed because our expectations were high. While some places left us wanting more, the restaurants I list below were the biggest standouts!

  • Goose Feathers Cafe: This is the place where we had, hands down, our best meal in Savannah! This is a budget-friendly breakfast place that had a line out the door! And honestly, that’s the reason we chose this restaurant. If a restaurant has a line outside the establishment, it’s usually safe to assume they have that line for a reason. And that is definitely true with this place. Although there was a long line, we had no issue finding a table. The reason why is they don’t allow people to save tables while you’re standing in line, which makes finding a table easier after paying. Once we had our food we quickly realized that the owner of the restaurant was the women who took our order! I just love that! I can seriously go on and on about this place, so I’ll let the photo below just give you a good sense of the place!

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I ordered a croissant sandwich with a side of cheese grits and a delicious latte! While Alec got the Breakfast Panini, regular coffee, and a side of bread pudding, which was freaking delicious!!

  • Treylor Park: On Yelp, this place is #3 on Best Lunch Places in Savannah and it was one of the biggest letdowns! Alec liked his meal; however, it definitely wasn’t his favorite meal of the trip. This place, for some reason, had raving reviews everywhere! And that’s why it was so shocking to us that we just didn’t enjoy it. With glowing reviews, I was expecting something amazing that doesn’t look like something I could make at home. When we arrived for lunch there was already a 40-minute wait. We didn’t want to walk around to find something else, so we sat at the bar until our table was ready. I ordered a Caprese Sandwich with no tomatoes (that’s probably what ruined my sandwich, but I HATE sliced tomatoes) and my sandwich came out very bleh. It was completely cold, they put two thick slices of bread over sliced mozzarella and some pesto. I think the sandwich would have been better if it was toasted or grilled, but it was just a cold sandwich I could have easily made at home.
  • The Olde Pink House: This restaurant has such a STUNNING atmosphere and was decorated beautifully! The Olde Pink House has an old historic vibe which pairs perfectly with their dim lighting, which is why we went here to celebrate our 3-year anniversary. It’s VERY romantic!! However, the food left us unsatisfied. The meal was good, but something that tasted like any other restaurant. Although the food left us wanting more, the service we received here was top notch! They really do want you to have the best dining experience at The Olde Pink House. & it was such a cool experience sitting in the historic Study near a fireplace.
  • River Street Sweets: A great spot if you have a sweet tooth is River Street Sweets! While you are walking along Savannah’s Waterfront you MUST walk into River Street Sweets. You will be hit in the face with a wonderfully SWEET smell of freshly baked Pralines. When we walked in, the person making the pralines gave us a sample and it was love at first bite!

I know Savannah didn’t sound like the most exciting trip of the year and the food was decent, but Savannah was everything Alec and I needed at that moment. We wanted to travel to someplace more romantic (that wasn’t the beach) with a more relaxed pace for our 3-year anniversary trip and Savannah fit the bill perfectly! We thought our 3-day weekend was plenty of time to take in the city and have downtime at the Airbnb. If you’re stuck on time, 2-days in Savannah will be a good amount of time to soak everything in.

Have you been to Savannah? What are some things that were on your must-do list? Did you find any food place that you absolutely loved that I need to check out next time? I would love to hear about your Savannah trip! What did you like and what didn’t you like!

With love,

A Simple Wildflower



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