Wynwood Walls -My Trip in Photos

When old college roommates embark on a spontaneous weekend to visit you in South Florida, Miami was the obvious city to go to!

Miami seriously has something to do for everyone and you can easily spend a 3-day weekend here, but we only had a few hours to visit this vibrant city. With only a couple of hours in Miami, we all decided to make Wynwood Walls our main event. Alec and I had driven the outer portion of the Wynwood District but never made it to the actual walls themselves.

We arrived at Wynwood in the early afternoon and was able to find parking in a nearby parking lot. Parking was $5 for 2 hours, which was plenty of time for us to visit the walls and walk to a nearby smoothie place to people watch for a little bit.

When we walked through the Wynwood Walls entrance, we were all shocked/pleased to find out that it was free entry. This was such a nice surprise for being in a city that is known for being expensive, however, we couldn’t even find a donation box which was disappointing because we all had a few singles to spare. If you’ve been to the Wynwood Walls and saw a donation box, please let ya girl know because if I visit again, I definitely want to show my love and appreciation for the amazing and talented artwork.

Seriously, the murals/artwork that we saw throughout were absolutely stunning and couldn’t even dream of ever being that talented! There are 3 main sections (big outdoor squares) that you walk through but to my surprise, this place is much smaller than I’d imagined. Still amazing but smaller than I had anticipated.

Here are some photos,

thumbnail (1)

(This is where you enter Wynwood Walls. Hi, Kitty!!!)

thumbnail (10)

(First wall you see when entering Wynwood & every time I look at this photo of myself the only thing I can think of is how pregnant I look; I can’t even call it a food baby)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Seriously obsessed with all the talent!!!!!!!!

thumbnail (7)

Can’t wait to see what new artwork will be displayed when we all go again 😉


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