Welcome New Wildflowers

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

A little bit about myself: I am a 26-year-old woman residing in North Florida with my boyfriend of four and a half years and two fur babies! After a continuing struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and anger issues, I needed to exhaust my energy through something more positive and productive. It took a while to figure out which path I wanted to go down and which path would allow me to have the greatest impact. The longer I thought about my options, the more I thought about creating a blog. A blog can reach the masses and I want to “make the world a better place” so to say.

In my blog, I am sticking to the themes of beauty, mental health, minimalism, travel, and zero waste. I am going to write about anything that falls into these categories and it will be glorious! Obviously, I’m no expert, but I believe we all have something we can learn from each other!

‘A Simple Wildflower’ was chosen as my blog name because I have always loved wildflowers. I love that each wildflower is different, unique, and beautiful. A wildflower does not compete with other wildflowers because, just like my fellow women, wildflowers work better together than alone! (The original quote said ‘look’ but I thought my edit was better) 😉

With love,

A Simple Wildflower




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