I love to shop and travel; so I figured, why not write about it!!

Brunch & Shopping

I think we can all agree that Sunday mornings are pretty amazing! They’re filled with relaxation, a great meal, and some light shopping. Well, that’s usually how I spend most of my Sundays. Anyone else?? This Sunday was no different because Alec and I slept in until the late hour of 8 AM, then got […]


November Favorites

November is a month filled with perfect sweater weather, leaves changing colors, and a dip in temperatures that leave the skin parched, dry, and in need of some extra lovin’ without even knowing it. A few of the items on my list of favorites are products that help me stay super moisturized during the fall […]


Target Haul

This past weekend I spent time in my favorite store ever: Target! My favorite pastime or moments when I felt the calmest has been browsing through the Target aisle. Alec had the whole weekend scheduled out for football so I figured I could go to Target. Go down every single aisle without a voice behind […]