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My Spring 2019 Go-To Outfit

I love warm weather and thankfully living in Florida, I get to wear spring/summer clothes all year-round…basically. The only exception would be the 2-3 months of some cooler weather in the ’50s, but you know I’m out here wearing a sweatshirt no matter what! Also, as a lazy person who doesn’t really have an eye […]


Day Trip to Thomasville, GA

This past Saturday, Alec and I went and visited the cutest little city in South Georgia and the best part is it’s less than an hour from our house! The two of us went to Thomasville and I see multiple trips to this quaint little city in our future. It’s a perfect city to take […]


Mother Day Gift Ideas

I know we all haven’t forgotten that Mother’s Day is this Sunday, which means we’ve all been on the hunt for the perfect gift that screams mom! But if you’re like me, you’re a procrastinator or broke; and in my case, I’m both! While I live in the same state as my mom, I will […]


April Most Used

For the month of April, I was using these 6 items the most!! When I glance at the list as a whole this month, I kept it pretty minimal with makeup and focused more on natural beauty. I started a new work position, which required me to move across the state of Florida and if […]


Sephora’s Spring Sale

Sephora will be hosting their annual spring Beauty Insider sale VERY, VERY soon, so you know I’ve already planned out my exact purchase and it’s sitting in my basket right now! So, let’s just dive right into what I want to purchase!!! & comment below your anticipated purchases during Sephora’s sale! I purchased my Tachta […]