My Spring 2019 Go-To Outfit

I love warm weather and thankfully living in Florida, I get to wear spring/summer clothes all year-round…basically. The only exception would be the 2-3 months of some cooler weather in the ’50s, but you know I’m out here wearing a sweatshirt no matter what!

Also, as a lazy person who doesn’t really have an eye for fashion, I’m surprised I don’t own more dresses/rompers; a solid piece that can be easily dressed up or down just by the pair of shoes I wear with it or just a piece of jewelry. Then when I went shopping at Target, aka a black hole that sucks you in with its awesomeness, I found a cute and slightly unique pant romper.

thumbnail (2)

What stood out to me first about this outfit was the beautiful, simple print. I don’t like wearing busy looking prints and this one has such a delicate feeling that I thought was very tasteful looking. I also, really love the navy blue color because it’s a neutral color that will go with everything and its not black. I swear! I own WAY TOO much black and I need to shake up my wardrobe with any type of color.

thumbnail (17)

But…SURPRISE!! This pant romper has a fun flare at the bottom of the pant legs which I didn’t know if I liked at first, but after trying it on me I made the ultimate decision that it was cute & please don’t tell me I look bad because I can’t return them anymore. I think this piece will also give me an opportunity to get creative and branch out with my style. When I took these photos, I paired it with my go-to white sandals but I would love to see what other shoes/accessories in my closet would also go. I think a floppy hat or belt would look cute on this romper. What do you guys think?

thumbnail (1)

The other unique design I liked about this romper was the little flare around the arm and neckline. I can see where others might not like this touch, but I thought it was just right.

As you can tell from this photo I have a VERY small chest, but what you might not know is that the top of this romper is a smocked tube top. I love the smocked material because that means I don’t technically have to wear a bra because this type of material keeps my boobs shaped and lifted. I know, it’s kind of a weird tidbit about this romper/myself, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

I purchased an XS from Target and I remember paying no more than $30 for it. It has been washed and hung to air dry and I think it may have shrunk, but not too sure it wasn’t that big of a difference in size when I put it on. I would just be hesitant on putting this number in the dryer on full heat.

I have been obsessing over Target clothing recently and would love to know what you’ve picked up recently from that amazing store!

With love,

A Simple Wildflower




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