Spontaneous Day Trip to Thomasville, GA

This past Saturday, Alec and I went and visited the cutest little city in South Georgia and the best part is it’s less than an hour from our house! The two of us went to Thomasville and I see multiple trips to this quaint little city in our future. It’s a perfect city to take a stroll through the downtown area to window shop, eat, and take our parents to for a day trip whenever they come into town.

This was our first time visiting so we had no idea what to expect, but walking through the downtown area, we quickly knew we made the right choice by visiting. It’s so picturesque!

We walked in plenty of gift shop-type stores but the one store that I bought something from is actually called The Gift Shop. The one thing that caught my eye out of ALLL the stores we walked into was this BEAUTIFUL gold bumble bee on a sunflower jewelry dish.

thumbnail (12)

I mean, come on this is absolutely stunning!!!

thumbnail (16)

I purchased the jewelry dish because I couldn’t stop thinking/talking about it during our lunch and afterward we walked right back over to see if the dish was still there and IT… WAS!! The jewelry dish will be more of a decorative piece but let’s talk about our amazing lunch!

thumbnail (7)

We ate at the Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Shop and all I can say is this place was delicious and the perfect serving size for lunchtime. It wasn’t badly priced either because I had one glass of wine, Alec had a flight of beer and we both shared the Staff Favorites board and it was realllly good. However, being the cheeseboard snob that I am I wish there was a bit more variety on the board, it was a lot of sweeter flavors with the salty meats and neutral cheeses. They had a pepper jam but even that had a sweeter taste than something that would pair well with salami and prosciutto; I was wishing for a small kick.

The dark spot of jam to the left is blackberry lemon-thyme. It wasn’t my favorite jam (only used it once) but it was one that Alec enjoyed. One aspect of the board that I really enjoyed was the honey drizzled on top of the walnuts. That may go on our next cheese board!

thumbnail (4)


After our lunch, we walked back to our car and went home. Our trip to Thomasville, GA came to an end after lunch and the car ride was spent talking about our absolutely perfect afternoon. On the drive to and from Thomasville, there is a beautiful plantation that is commonly used for weddings, but I would love to spend an afternoon to tour the venue (and no, I’m not getting married).

Have you ever been to Thomasville? What are some of your favorite spots around town because the two of us are definitely going back in the near future!

With love,

A Simple Wildflower

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