Sephora’s Spring Sale

Sephora will be hosting their annual spring Beauty Insider sale VERY, VERY soon, so you know I’ve already planned out my exact purchase and it’s sitting in my basket right now!

So, let’s just dive right into what I want to purchase!!! & comment below your anticipated purchases during Sephora’s sale!


I purchased my Tachta moisturizer before they released their dewy skin edition and since I’m almost done with my moisturizer, I figured I should restock AND try out the dewy skin moisturizer for 20% off!!


I’ve heard really amazing things about this serum and I want something that will brighten the overall look of my appearance, that I decided to try out the mini-size before dropping $50. I figured I should notice some type of change by the time I finish up the .5 oz mini size.


Recently, I’ve been leaving my face clean of makeup (especially foundation) and I feel like my skin routine is missing something. I remember feeling so ‘eh’ about this product last year when I got it in one of those Sephora kits. But, I’ve been thinking about this more and more that I got the mini-size to give it another shot. This with my dewy moisturizer, I will be looking VERY DEWY!


I LOVE THIS OIL!! I use this when my hair is damp. I squeeze roughly a nickel-sized amount onto the palms of my hands, rub them together, and I comb my hands throughout my hair (not so much on the roots though). After blow-drying, my hair is left SUPER soft and throughout the day I notice a distinct bounce/softness to my hair.


I am almost out of my Bum Bum Cream and need to restock before the month is over! As much as I would love to purchase another full-sized Bum Bum Cream again, I also have been dying for the Brazilian Crush Spray and the Brazilian 4Play Shower Gel and this little gift set is seriously PERFECT FOR ME!!!!


What are you getting at Sephora for 20% off?

With love,

A Simple Wildflower

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