Date Night – Cheese Board

Who else is ready for the weekend by the time Wednesday rolls around? I know I’m not the only one! However, I personally believe, to live a happy and fulfilling life, we need to treat our boring weekdays with as much pizazz as we do with the weekends! If we don’t take time to celebrate the weekday, it makes our work week boring and the weekends short.

We really needed something to spruce up our Wednesday night and decided to make a fancy cheese board at home! The BEST part is, you can spend as much or as little as you want. You can also make it adventurous by adding olives, pickled veggies, or dried fruit! It’s not adventurous, by we like to add honey and jam to our cheese boards.

Our Cheeses

We put a lot of focus and energy into the cheeses we pick out for our cheese boards. We will ALWAYS have a small thing of Mozzarella because Alec cannot live without it, then we choose 1-2 kinds of cheese we’ve never tried before. This time around we chose, Publix Bruschetta Jack Cheese and Public Gouda Cheese. The Bruschetta Jack had a nice subtle spice to it, that both of us enjoyed, and the gouda was spot on! But I’m such a Gouda fan it’s hard to disappoint.

We don’t take notice of the types of cheeses we use for our boards. I know there are certain rules people tend to follow but we chose whatever catches our eyes. If you’re making a cheese board for a few people to enjoy just throw out the rule book and make something you all WANT! If you have a full board of soft cheeses, then so be it! Just make sure to pair the right wine with those cheeses! 😉

Our Meats

We also chose Publix brand meats to go along with our cheese board. The two we picked were Publix Genoa Salami and Publix Pepperoni. The meats were already sliced in the package so all we had to do was take it out of the packaging and place it on our board. I would fold the meat in half and it fit perfectly on our crackers.

The meats we usually tend to stick with are Salami, Pepperoni, Prosciutto, and Capicola. We hardly switch up our meats because we want something flavorful, but we like our cheeses to be the main star.

The Board

Alec bought me this cheese board for Christmas last year. It is a small cheese board that will hold 1-3 items which is a perfect serving size for us. For parties, I would use something along this size (link)

We ate our cheese board in our living room, but there is nothing stopping you from taking that cheese board outside! If you have a porch or patio try a cheese board picnic!

If you would like something a bit more playful, try building a fort out of blankets and eat your cheese board under your fort watching childhood movies! We would have done a blanket fort; however, our dog and cat get too excited and jump on it.

We really love to travel but we always need to save up for each destination. While we’re saving for our upcoming move it can seem like everyday life is so boring because we can’t go out and spend money. And honestly, your weekdays shouldn’t feel so boring. Weekends shouldn’t be the only time we celebrate. To keep ourselves sane, we take time during our weekdays to have small date nights, that can span from making our own dinner together to doing a DIY project together. If we only looked forward to our big vacations we’ll never see the beauty of everyday life!


A Simple Wildflower

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