My “No Makeup” Makeup Look

A word I like to describe myself as is simple, but we all know that’s really code for…lazy!

I used to wear foundation, but I constantly hated the way it looked on my skin. It didn’t matter which brand of foundation, what type of coverage it was, or the type of moisturizer or primer I would put underneath it; I just don’t really like foundation. I also didn’t like the feeling of foundation and sweat seeping into my pores, so I stopped trying to like and make foundation happen for me.

I’m still in my twenties with decent skin and cutting foundation was such an easy choice for me. I thought, taking foundation out of my routine will be the easiest way at maintaining good, youthful looking skin.

When I use makeup, I like wearing cream products over my freshly cleansed, SPF face. I still use powdered products, but I personally think cream makeup looks slightly more natural.

  1. First Step: Do Your Skincare Routine

My not-so-secret to good looking skin is by doing my crazy 10-step routine both morning and night. If you’re curious about my current skincare routine, check out my blog post on it. But heed my advice, it’s 10-steps but it gets the job done!

This skincare routine is intense, but I want the best for my skin. I want to be well into my thirties or forties and still manage to have youthful looking skin. That is goals, for me!

The last step in my skincare routine is sunscreen. I use one that is advertised as “dry-touch” so it doesn’t leave my skin with that awful greasy sunscreen look. Once my sunscreen is completely dry, I will go in with a few products that give my looks a little boost or enhancement. I’ve never been one to like the look of makeup on myself, so I’ve kept things on the more natural side, always!

  1. Eyebrows

The first thing I like to groom is my eyebrows. I used to NEVER do my eyebrows until I stumbled upon the Glossier Boy Brow (I have mine in Blond). I like this product a lot because this doesn’t give off too much color (I have light brown eyebrows and I don’t like when they look dark brown, they don’t match anything else and I look unrecognizable) but at the same time, it grooms my eyebrows and keeps them groomed all day.

I quickly swipe in the direction my eyebrow hairs go then, I’ll lightly swipe the top arch of my eyebrow, so all the fly-a-ways lay perfectly on top. I’m not sure if that made total sense but this product is SUPER easy to use!

  1. Mascara

Next is mascara because I cannot leave the house without any on. I have very blonde, unnoticeable eyelashes and EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I don’t wear mascara people ask me if I’m tired and/or getting enough sleep.

First off, RUDE! & second off, HOW DARE YOU!

My favorite mascara (best for length, not volume) is the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara for $4.99. I’m almost done with my second one and already have my backup ready to go!

  1. Blush

After mascara, I can leave the house without putting anything else on, if I’m in a rush; however, I still like to finish my “no makeup” makeup look with blush and lip gloss.

My current blush obsession is the Milani Baked Blush in Corallina because it’s basically a blush/highlighter in one and it’s GORGEOUS!

TIP: this blush is SUPER pigmented!!

This first time I used this blush I had clown cheeks and I didn’t even dip my brush that aggressively. The next time I used this blush, I used the same brush without cleaning it or dipping it back into the blush and it still gave my cheeks a great flush of color. This color also reminds me of summer which always makes me happy!

  1. & Gloss

Lastly, I will wear a lip treatment or gloss and I go back and forth between many!

The current lip products I’m using are:

  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 in Sugar Rose Tinted $24 at Sephora
  • Nooni Appleberry Lip Oil $12 at Ulta or Amazon
  • Bath & Body Works C.O. Bigelow Mentha Shimmer Lip Tint in Pearl Mint $7.50 at B&BW
  • Neutrogena’s MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Fresh Papaya $8.99


That is my current “no makeup” makeup look! I hope you enjoyed reading this type of post. What makeup or skincare products do you use to give yourself that best “no makeup” makeup look?


A Simple Wildflower

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