December Haul

I know the month of December is supposed to be the time when you buy gifts for your loved ones BUT…for me, I like to take advantage of all the holiday sales to buy things for myself and that is what most of my December haul is; gifts for myself!

I like to give myself a little bit of credit though! Although I spent money on gifts for myself, I was also able to get something for everyone on my Christmas list. SO, if that’s not a win/win then I don’t know what is! 😉


Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara for $4.99 at Ulta

At first, this was an impulse purchase waiting in the check-out line at Forever 21 but holy moly I am freaking in love! There are two reasons why: the price tag (you cannot beat $5) and it just gives me long, beautiful lashes that really stand out. The proof is in the photo below.


Grande Cosmetics

Grande Cosmetics Limited Edition GrandeLIPS Lip Plumper Trio Set for $19 at Sephora

This was on my Sephora wishlist because it was on sale for $19 and I wanted to see if it would plump my lips like they claim because my lips are on the small side. I plan on gifting one to my cousin because it would take me forever to finish all three and I would feel guilty keeping all three knowing that especially during the holiday season.


Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Cream Gloss in White Russian for $21 at Sephora

The Buxom gloss in White Russian has been on my wishlist for YEARS and jumped on this purchase when I saw it in a holiday set for $12 at Sephora. I seriously thought Buxom and Sephora made a mistake and mixed up the numbers because they were selling a full-size lip gloss for $12 instead of the normal $21 price tag. Unfortunately, this set is sold out and most likely not returning but I totally see why this color has a cult following.

Philosophy Shower Gel

Philosophy Crispy Marshmallow Bars for $11.99 at Marshalls

This has a nice scent in the bottle (it has a light marshmallow scent, not overpowering) and that’s how I feel about it when I use this in the shower, just okay. I got one for myself and my mom because I know she will enjoy this scent.

African Black Soap

Shea Moisture Acne Prone & Trouble Skin African Black Soap w/ Shea Butter for $4.19 at Target

This is an example of a purchase I needed because (a little TMI) I have some acne on my bikini area from ingrown hairs, so I have my fingers crossed that it will work. I get my bikini area waxed and I was told that African Black Soap was good for ingrown hairs and hey, it’s worth a shot!

Hand Scrub

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hand and Body Scrub for $9.79 at Target

This goes together with the purchase above because this scrub will help break the skin enough to let my bikini hair grow (I’ve been getting a Brazilian wax for almost 4 years and my bikini hair has gotten too weak to poke through the skin (I know another TMI tidbit). Alec and I are both OBSESSED with this scrub because it’s crazy moisturizing and it gives a more intense scrub than others, which I prefer and need.


Cloud Paint in Puff & Beam for 2/$30 and Boy Brow in Blond for $16 at Glossier

This was another impulse buy because I saw a YouTuber review this brand and I LOVE the idea that this brand is all about enhancing your natural beauty. Glossier only hosts one sale a year, which is on Black Friday, and that is when I went shopping because I wanted to save money on something  I knew I would be purchasing soon. Of course, I wanted to get everything on their website but was able to narrow it down to these three items. I don’t wear anything on my eyebrows, so the boy brow is a random purchase for me, but I really like how it makes my brows look; really put together. I really enjoy the blushes as well and would like to pick up one or two more colors.


KL Polish (L to R) in Tropicana, Marshmallow Sunset, Miss Kensington, and Gemini for $9.50 each

I really like this nail polish and bought some more colors when they were having a 40% off sale on their website. I’ve been wanting to wear nail polish more often (because my nails are normally gross) and those two yellow shades stood out to me (Tropicana and Gemini) because yellow is my favorite color and I’m also a Gemini.


Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask for $9 ish at CVS

I purchased this at CVS when I was getting my medicine with Alec and seeing this made me stop in my tracks because I had only been able to find this on Amazon. But, of course, now that I said that I will start seeing this everywhere. I’ve used this mask three times and it is such a powerful mask that has been pulling the acne out of my skin and they are noticeably smaller. Because this mask is so powerful it leaves my skin VERY dry afterward and all I do to help is to dab a little bit of oil on my face. I’ve been using a sample size of the Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Oil and it’s nice but has an interesting smell.

That’s my December Haul!! I love shopping, and these are the products I’ve purchased this month.


A Simple Wildflower


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