Why I Started a Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am SO glad you are here!

Within the past couple of years, I have gone through some difficult times (as has everyone on this planet) and needed a positive outlet. I have always liked the idea of writing and starting a blog, but I never knew where to start. I had so many questions and a million more doubts. Would I have anything interesting to write about? Would anyone even care about what I had to say? Will I be a laughing stock amongst my peers?

These thoughts are so toxic, and they are the main reason why I need a positive outlet, to begin with. A little background story, I am currently dealing with depression, anxiety, and anger issues. I was adamant on not taking medicine in the beginning; however, my outbursts were getting out of hand and I needed something to help me cope with my day-to-day. So, long story short, I’m figuring out what medication works for me and I am on a mini roller coaster of emotions which can be quite exhausting.

I had done a little bit of research to get a taste of what other lifestyle blogs were out there and I couldn’t find anything centered around self-care or mental health. All the lifestyle blogs I came across either focused on fashion and travel or they featured bloggers resembling models. I don’t live lavishly, I can’t afford to go on multiple trips a month, and I don’t have the funds to buy the best wardrobe in town. I am a 25-year-old who is barely trying to hold but tries to make the most of life by going on small adventures and buying clothes that make me happy. All kidding aside, this blog is most importantly a space to be as authentic as possible. I know in the Instagram world that can seem near impossible. Everyone focuses on capturing the perfect lifestyle through their photos, however, no lifestyle is perfect. And NO ONE is living a perfect life.

What I post on Instagram does not represent my everyday life. They are photos I have chosen to represent my life. Real-life me is a much uglier person. I have immense road rage, anxiety attacks an hour before I need to drive, I’m impatient, and constantly doubting or putting myself down. That is not something people really want to see on social media, but if we pretend we don’t experience these feelings, they will continue to get worse.

Podcasts have been my saving grace! I have found a wonderfully beautiful podcast that talks about everything that goes on in life. It talks about all the ugly topics that no one wants to hear, and they give out some of the best advice I have ever heard. This has been my only outlet and I don’t think it’s enough. I don’t think we as humans talk about life and the difficulties of life as often as we should. We want to brush all our problems under the rug because no one wants to feel pain or anger but at some point, we will feel these emotions and we need to know how to deal with them and learn to move forward.

And that’s when I knew the focus of my blog would be centered about self-care and mental health. It will have other topics that correspond with my life like minimalism, travel, and beauty + skincare but I want to remain authentic about what happens during my everyday struggles. If no one else is going to be daring enough to talk about real life, then I will be the person to do so! It frustrates me how “perfect” social media is, and it’s a toxic mindset.

The perfect example is, I was casually talking with a close friend of mine and she mentioned that it looks like I’m living my best life and I’m going to all these really cool places. WELL, in fact, and I told her this, I said: “that is all a lie because I have actually gotten worse in my mental state and I’m not doing well.” She completely understood because we all try to portray something else on social media, but life gets to us. We all have something we are going through and I want a place for people to share their experiences and have at least one outlet.

We all have minds, so we ALL have mental health. And we all need to take care of our mental health.

My goal for this blog is to bring any type of topic that someone could be going through. I will need suggestions though because I do go through my own issues, but there are going to be some issues I may never think of because they aren’t pertaining to me personally. And that is where I want to challenge myself. I want to open my mind up to the fact that other people are having issues and I really need to be more mindful to others.

When I see someone driving like a maniac, I no longer get upset and want to scream at them. I think to myself: “they must have high anxiety and maybe some anger issues.” Because I know for myself, when I drive crazy or reckless I’m having a really rough day and my anxiety is through the roof that my heart’s going to jump out of my chest. If we all think about the other person being human, we would all be a lot kinder to one another. And I truly hope I can show this through my blog. I want this blog to be truly human, not some Instagram perfect life crap.

Life is too tricky and difficult to try and pretend that we’re all perfect and living perfect lives.


A Simple Wildflower

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